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    if anyone here has directv sunday ticket for nfl games with the superfan addon that gives you the games in HD, you can download this app and watch games on your phone supposedly. i logged in just like in my computer and it showed almost the same video as on my computer so hopefully this will work, even though treo pro isnt listed as supported. looks like any 6.1 phone will do. holla! is the addy for download on ur phone.
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    They only list a few WM devices, but it's a varied lot:

    • Windows Mobile HTC – Tilt
    • Windows Mobile Samsung – Saga
    • Windows Mobile Samsung – Omnia
    • Windows Mobile Motorola – Q9
    • Windows Mobile LG – Incite
    • Windows Mobile HTC – Fuze

    They likely only tested with those few and may not have ever tested with any other WM devices. But given that set, there are many other WM devices that the app very likely works with.

    Edit: You can see the list by going to the main NFL Sunday Ticket Mobile page and clicking the "Click here to get the app" link.
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    Just installed it and it seems to be working fine
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    this is not working for me so far. i just get an error saying live feed no longer available. i do have my friend using my account on his computer i dont know if this makes a difference, but so far i have not seen any live video

    its working now its like 60% of screen size tho.
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