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    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking to get a car battery charger and a spare battery for my treo pro.

    Here are the two items I've been looking at. Feel free to chime in and tell me your opinions about battery chargers/spare batteries that worked for you. Lenmar Battery for Palm Treo Pro: Cell Phones & Service

    and Palm Vehicle Power Charger for Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Service

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    Never heard of the Lenmar battery before--Seidio is the most popular 3rd party brand that people generally use. Any idea of what the mah is on the Lenmar?

    Palm vehicle charger is good, but pricey. You can generally pick up any microSD charger on eBay for $5 and it'll work; or go with Motorola if you want brand name.

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    no clue lol. It doesn't even say they sell that specific battery on their own website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knivez View Post
    no clue lol. It doesn't even say they sell that specific battery on their own website.
    ah, it's 1500mah.

    radio shack sells it, so can't be too bad, lol:

    Lenmar® 3.7V/1500mAh Li-Poly PDA Battery for Palm® -

    I mean if it's cheaper than alternatives (and I think it is), it'll be fine.

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    alright, thanks buddy!
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    I have used Seidio batteries without any problems. I had never heard of Lenmar.

    I own a Palm car charger. A must have for any USB device, not only the Pro!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knivez View Post
    alright, thanks buddy!
    Malatesta mentioned Seidio. The 1650 mah battery is only $2 more than the Amazon/Target price for the Lenmar 1500 mah. The Radio Shack price is very good.
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    I purchased a couple of spares at Fryes .. they seem to be selling them at fire sale prices (like $10). I celaned out the store in San Jose.
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    Hey Mike. Did you grab the one on the bottom shelf in San Jose. It looked beat to hell the other day when I was there.
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    KG, It was 3 weeks ago and picked up 2 of them. There may have been one more left at that point. The boxes were beat up on all of them, some worse than others. I hestitated and then picked the best one. Before I left the store I went back and picked another.

    I have charged them both and they work as expected.

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