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    I am using Windows 7. Under Devices and Printers, under my Treo 750 phone's settings, I dont have the option to initiate a call from my laptop when phone is connected thru BT, whereas I have seen my friends who have Windows 7 on there laptops be able to initiate a call from there Touch Pro's using Bluetooth. If you have Windows 7 can you please check what options you have available when you double-click phone under your devices-and-printers? I have only options to use my laptop as headset or as wireless headphones.
    Cingular Treo 750||ATT WM6 ROM||AT&T Blue SIM||1GB SanDisk Card||
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    That's pretty neat, if that could work with a 750. I will check with my bro in law, he has Windows 7 and a 750 as well.

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