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    I dont know if this is the correct forum and if it isnt, can you point me to the correct one??

    I am thinking of switching to the Touch PRO 2 from the 800W and have some questions:

    1. Will all my software from the 800W work on the TP2? I know I might need VGA versions but will they all work?

    2. Does the TP2 have threaded SMS and can you send MMS as well as sending photos and video to facebook, myspace etc as you can on the 800W?

    3. Does JUST TONES JUST TONES - Windows Mobile Software and Pocket PC Software from work on the TP2? I use it on my 800W for custom ringers.

    4. is there a TREO ALERT for the TP2?? do we need one??? etc etc etc


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    Go for it, man!

    Seriously, I made the switch yesterday and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

    My 800w had so much stuff layered on it just to make it functional - SPB Mobile Shell, registry hacks (for example, reprogramming how the red button works), GPSGate, Treo AlertPro, etc - that it was bloated and unstable. I was having to soft-reset several timed daily. And many things just never worked properly on the 800w from day one (such as the volume setting for bluetooth headsets). And I had applications (such as Lotus Traveler), that would intermittently (but frequently) hang the device, forcing me to do a soft reset.

    So, not only does all of my existing software work on the TP2 (your mileage may vary), most of it I don't even need any more.

    The Touch Flo interface is excellent, you pretty much never see Windows Mobile. It comes with a real, well-integrated dialer app. All the physical buttons, indicator lights, etc do exactly what you expect them to (which was never true on the 800w).

    Here is what I've installed so far - all of which is working fine:
    - ALK CoPilot
    - Lotus Traveler
    - Lotus Sametime Mobile
    - Google Maps
    - XnView Pocket
    - PhatNotes
    - Illium Software eWallet
    - TotalCommander

    The only app I've found that doesn't work, is a new one I found today called GPSWeatherRadar ... but this is only because the TP2 doesn't have the right version of the .NET framework on it (and I am not brave enough to upgrade, given how well things are working for me now).

    Someone on a TP2 forum reported that TomTom Navigator 6 doesn't work on the TP2 either ... no big loss, since TomTom has pretty much given up on WinMo and V6 is 2+ years old (at least) with out-of-date maps.

    It also comes with some very useful pre-installed software, much more so than the 800w came with.

    So far, with everything I've loaded, the device has been completely stable ... and battery life seems better than the 800w, too.

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