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    I am looking for a good Caller ID App. I have tried several and the only one I have liked is Iconsoft's Phone Extention. It displayed a full screen picture which is what I am wanting but when getting a call, the pic would show but the phone doesn't ring.
    that is the only program I have found that will display full screen photos of person calling so I was hoping someone would have some idea of a good one to use.
    Oh BTW I have a Treo Pro. When I set up my contacts and attached pics I thought they would show up larger than they do, but they are really small so I would really like to be able to see them a little larger and need a program that will do that.
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    Resco Contact Manager (review)?

    I've used on my Treo Pro with no issues.

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    I also recommend Resco Contact Manager. My Today screen is all Resco's.

    Also, you may be having the no tone ringer because both Phonex and RCM use a scheduler that if you press the volume rocker from your phone, the phone goes to silent. I believe it is a bug from the Treo Pro. So if you set a scheduled profile, you can't touch the volume buttons on the side of the Treo Pro. If you touch this buttons, then you have to reenable the schedule profile.

    It took me a long time to figure this one out, so I missed several calls, until I read on this forum the solution.


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