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    I have had many smart and dumb phones and I have noticed htc phones have had the most inconstent signal strength. I know you can't go by the bars.. my treo800 would have a solid 4 or 5 bars while my pro only gets 1 to 2 bars. where my 800 has a steady evdo signal while teethering my pro constantly drops to 1x how can I keep my pro at evdo signal all the time the phones are sitting right beside each other and the pro just flucates so much I don't think I have gotten 4 bars ever on the pro. I changed the values for missed calles with qpst as per the stickie, what else can I do. also is there anymore I can do while in qpst to maxamise any other feature? im not trying to argue about bars and signal strength etc... its just my experience htc phones have been underpar signal wise. I changed the radio on my touch pro and made a slight improvement on that anything for treo pro?
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    I know what you're saying and I agree. The signal strength on the Treo Pro leaves a lot to be desired.

    After doing the QPST hack, I get all my calls now but data is getting missed since it jumps to 1x more readily now and it sometimes gets "stuck" between the two (have to disable/re-enable data).

    Total PITA and one of the worst aspects of this phone. Unfortunately, as of now, no there is nothing to do. Even an Air Rave has the downside of no 3g, meaning 1x dominates over data.

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    Signal strength on the GSM Treo Pro is actually pretty good. Not as good as a Moto Q9h, but better than most other phones I've had.
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    at&t GSM, I almost always get 5 bars here. The best signal strength on a GSM device that I've seen.
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    wow I wish I could blame sprints poor coverage it seems to be the cool thing to do now but I can't I get great coverage with all my phones in all of the dallas/fort worth area. with the exception of the htc made phones. is there anything I can take from the 800 cab wise or in the programming, I already have the lattest prl but im not trying to roam so that's not the anwser. I have a treo 755 wife uses treo 800 my daughter uses and my pro. we all teether to our laptops and I just get kicked back to 1x and its getting old. I use to force evdo only on the 800 is this possible with pro by doing ##evdo# or something like that. I haven't tried yet ill see tommrow and report back
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    Gsm Treo Pro has amazing reception. I have only had one phone that was better - the q9h.
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    get your phone replaced by sprint. its a phone issue. i had that and when i got my replacement, my bars were the same as they were on the 800w
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    I don't see it as a big deal. My Pro is usually at 1 or 2 bars usually at home and 4 bars when moving around the city. Calls never drop and EV is constant. Sometimes i'll notice just the 1 bar or less but nothing drops or gets cut off.
    I just conclude it to be signal strength under-reporting. When on a call, 1X signal strenght is usually through the roof !!
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    My GSM Treo has fantastic signal & call quality. I have only had one phone, a Nokia 6230 that was better.

    There ia program posted somewhere on the Forum called *SignalMap*, I believe it was created by one of the members. It is a very simple but highly effective program giving the present signal, the min & max. This would give you the true picture as opposed to the bars. Right now mine shows -59dB, pretty darned good if I say so myself.

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