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    When syncing my new Treo Pro with the Thunderbird address books, all the contacts show up in the Pro Contacts List as "unknown", even though they have the complete name information in the record. Any edit to the name makes it appear on the Contacts List. Obviously, I can't edit each name. Has anyone seen this or know of a solution?

    I used the public FinchSync program for the transfer and it worked fine otherwise. My fundamental problem is that my PalmOS Treo 650 died and I have been stuck trying to transfer my contacts from the Palm Desktop. I also need some general means to backup contacts, and do not use Outlook. I'm almost to the point of starting a gmail account just to deal with the sync issues. It appears from the forums that the gmail sync is fairly robust, but I don't need gmail for any other purpose. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I will answer my own post, in case someone else has this problem. Many address book programs seem to require a populated display name field even if a first and last name is present. I added a display name field to a csv dump of my Thunderbird address book using a simple Excel formula and then reloaded it back into Thunderbird. I then used Finchsynch to sync the Thunderbird address book with the Pro. This worked perfectly.


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