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    ok, ive seen others kinda asking the same question, but im not understanding the fix. my alarm is set... but when it goes off, all it does is vibrate, after a few minutes, the reminder ring goes off. i have been messing around with it for a few days now trying everything to get it working again, nothing doing. i depend on it to wake up. ive tried dl the cab cody made to fix the prob, but it comes up unsuccesfull. what can i do. i did a hard reset....tried the alarm b4 i reloaded everything, and it worked, but after all my info came back, it doesnt work again. any one have any answers....
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    I'm sure a lot of people will help... but I saved myself a lot of trouble and purchased a 3rd party product from here:

    Treocentral - Centro Software & Treo Software

    Search "alarm"... I personally don't care for hacks and such... reminded myself why after the "ring" issue hack.
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