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    I am on my 2nd 800w and it was great until a couple days ago. These past couple days, I've noticed the backlight does not turn off completely. My first 800w had this problem bust was replaced because of a dead earpiece. Has anybody experienced a similar issue? thanks to who respond.
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    I have had the same issues. I bought all 3 of my lines with this 800w phone and I have had problems with these ever since. Had all 3 replaced with service plan only to have the same issues. I went to Sprint store complained that these 800w's were a defective product and tried to get the Pro told them I would pay for the difference of what I bought the 800w ($100 difference)and what the pro is currently going for with the 2 year offer. They said they would be willing to take $75 off the retail price of $550 for $475 each!! So here I am with 3 phones that do things that are not acceptable. I spent about 5-7 hours of talking on the phone, waiting at the stores going back and fourth with these issues and nothing. This comming from a so called loyal sprint customer since Nov 98'. I guess loyalty means nothing to them. See thred I started 6/30/09. (List of 800w glitches/defects)

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