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    I am new here and have only had my Treo Pro for 1 week. So far I love it. There is one feature that I miss from my old Treo 650 - the default phone view displaying the on-screen keypad.

    I see that the on-screen keypad is an option, but right now my default phone view (when I click on the green "on" button) seems to be my recent call history. Is there any way to change this to default to the on-screen keypad view?

    I know there is a difference in the operating system of the 2 devices, but surely there must be some hack or work-around. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Jill
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    Are you talking about the keyboard you can get when entering text? Or are you talking about a phone application that shows your contacts as thumbnails in a keyboard like layout?

    If it is the latter, then you will need a separate app for that as it is not part of WM6. I have that with SPB Mobile Shell. I know there are other apps that provide it as well.

    Edit: After rereading I now see what you are talking about. My bad. Sorry, I don't know the answer to that.
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    To clarify for others, I am referring to the phone dialing keypad which appears as a left softkey when you enter the phone mode. You are presented with softkey options for "Keypad" or "Hide Keypad", but unlike phones with the Palm OS, there is no option to make the keypad the default phone view.
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    Try IDialer (also works as a Google Voice dialer if you're so inclined)-
    Nice layout- and if you install his Green Button App you can have it open with the Green Button-
    He even just came out with Avatar app for picture dialing-

    The downside is that it doesn't support smart dialing- but you can still dial directly from your today page with smart dial- or press the space bar to open the regular Pro phone app- i.e. IDialer doesn't take over the dialing function unless you activate it- which is why Green Button works great.

    So here's my suggestion:
    Go - original software by Doug Melton
    • Scroll down and install IDIALER
    • Install Green Button
    • Install Avatar
    • Install IContact, if you're so inclined

    IContacts is useful and responds nicely to gestures, but to find someone, you have to either scroll through all your contacts, or type in the first letter and scroll from there- Starring your favorites makes it somewhat easier.
    The IDialer does have a nice call history with details, though. And if you have Google Dialer- and install the Google Voice version (scroll further down on the IDIALER page) and configure it- see the page- and activate it (click on the Carrier Line on the upper left corner of the dialer page to change to your Google Voice account) it'll sign you in and call you back seemlessly connecting you through google voice- I use it for overseas calls.

    Again, you can always press the space bar to use the regular phone app if you'd prefer.

    And, of course- it's tough to beat the price (free is always good)


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