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    I am giving Opera Mini a try based on good reviews on this board. I have a couple of questions however:

    1. Is there a way to launch Opera directly? Currently, I have to load the java app and launch it from there. After closing, I also have to close the java app. After installing Opera Mini, I see no shortcut to launch it directly.

    2. Is there a way around the multiple message pages once I get started? Every session forces me to view a page telling me it is an untrusted app and then a second page asking me if I want to be asked every time or every session.

    These two above concerns cause the app to be cumbersome. Way too many steps to get to the first page.
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    1. There is a cab file named OM16112008_Note that installs Java and Opera Mini and creates an icon for Opera for you to use with your favorite launcher. I don't know if there are newer versions to this build.

    2. When I started Opera Mini using this install, I had three options to choose and the one I pick was one saying "Yes, and never ask again"

    I will let other people to answer if there's a new buid. But I guess it is easy to find the build I wrote.

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    Thanks, I'll take a look for that cab. I got mine off Opera's site and I didn't get those options.
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    Here's the link where I found the cab. It seems that there is a new build.

    [Updated:14-May] Opera Mini 4.2 CAB/OEM for VGA/QVGA - xda-developers


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