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    I have had my 800w now for over a year and have been using it with a Blue Ant Z9 head set. I have never been all that impressed with the Blue Ant, some times it is crystal clear to the person on other end and most times has lots of back ground noise.

    Now the second ear jell has broken and I am thinking of a new head set.

    I hear good things about the Voyager Pro for noise control and good sound quality.

    My number 1 concern is for the person I am talking too have a clear and quiet conversation.. I hate when they say "Oh you are on the road again"
    Still waiting for Hitachi to reintroduce the G1000 with a VGA screen and more memory. I still miss that crash prone beauty.
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    I've had ZERO complaints or comments with the Jabra BT530. I freaking love it. And... It's only 40 bucks online!
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    I recently went from the Blue Ant T8 to the Voyager Pro. I'm loving the voyager Pro. It paired in a flash with both my work and personal Cell phones and instantly with redirecting the sound via blue tooth from my pc.

    It is nice and loud which has always been a problem with my Treo 800w and its quirky sound issues. People I speak to have told me in a room with ambient noise I sound as if I am on the house phone.

    I have run at 60 mph with the windows open and people have told me they can hear me clearly with little to wind noise and importantly I can still hear them!

    Although its bulky, none the less I recommend it. I find it actually well balanced and comfortable to the point where I have to remember its on my ear. I wear it from wake to just before sleep and find the talk and standby time great. I have even used the pro while watching netflix on my computer and when the voice prompt one time told me the battery was low (cause I'd gone days without charging it), I was able to continue using it for 2 more movies by plugging it in while leaving it activated and bluetooth connected without interruption! It did not sound any further battery warnings. It fully recharges in 1.5 hrs.

    In short, Other than being big and perhaps something you'd say "Do you want fries with that?" Its a great headset and I'd buy it again definetely.

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