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    Folks, I have had my 700W for ~ 3 years. I have cleared out my email, uninstalled all applications that I can live without, but little by little the storage memory (not memory on my SD card) is so full that I have less than one megabyte left. I was wondering if there was some growing log file, temp file area, or other area that I could delete in order to gain back some of my memory. I have deleted my email and text messages, uninstalled any apps that I can't live without, and still only have less than one megabyte of storage space. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
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    At this point you may have accumulated some files that for one reason or anohter are just not going to go away - without a hard reset. Why not give that a go, install your apps and see what you have remaining?b
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    You could try a program like MemAid which cleans out all the junk that phones accumulate. Works great.

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