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    I know that BarcodeZilla ( and others are available for the iPhone and Blackbery...but what about a WM version of a barcode comparison shopper?

    Any ideas?
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    Like this?

    Can't post links.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevets View Post
    Like this?

    Can't post links.
    Sorry about the's been a while since I've been here...forgot the rules.

    Yes, the link you sent me gets a program on my TreoPro...but when I try to open it I get a message that says I need .NET Compact Framework version 3.5.xxxxx . When I try to install it using the brings me to a German (I think) Microsoft site.

    When I found an english version of it...setup wouldn't open properly with the gave a message like "there is no application associated with this type of file." I know that sounds like a "wrong version" issue...but the page I was downloading from SAID that WM6 was a supported format.

    I'm close to giving up.

    Thanks for your help anyway.
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    Yeah, I got the same thing. I'm gonna work on it just because it annoys me that it doesn't work.

    I have all the required software installed.
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    Microsoft Net CF 3.5 in cab file is posted ^.^
    Here ya go.
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    I ran the SQL Compact file from my desktop as per the Microsoft instructions. It did install stuff to my PC but didn't seem to install anything to my Treo pro (which was connected).
    Is there something else I need to do?
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    My advice is you install first (if you already have the Microsoft Net CF 3.5 installed) the lite version of that barcode app (Barcodezilla). It doesn't require SQL Compact.

    I did that to try it before installing more stuff into my phone. And now I'm about to uninstall it. I'm sure it's a great app but it doesn't work on the Treo Pro, at least on mine it didn't. I mean it "works", but it won't decode any barcode I tried, my guess is the photo quality on the Pro isn't good enough. So the barcode lines in the pics aren't sharp and well defined enough for the app to read/decode it.

    So try the lite version and if it works for you, then install the SQL thing and the full app.
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    I had already installed the lite version, which works perfectly well on my Treo pro.

    I'm really interested in finding out if I have to do something with the SQL installation on my PC as it doesn't appear to have made any changes to my Treo...
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    How are you getting barcodes to read properly with the Treo Pro? Every time I try to capture them they look blurry and the program says that it is unable to decode them. Are there special camera settings that you have to use or a special method to do it right?
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    I have been trying Barcodezilla on barcodes in my factory.

    These are industrial size and give 100% good capture results each time.


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