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    I have huge music database on my Windows 7 PC and want to stream that music to Treo Pro in a way that I could control the playback from TP itself. Windows 7 WMP12 has cool feature of Play-to. I wonder if WMP12 can Play-to TP? Have any of you tried that. I dont have a TP yet, so I cant try.
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    How exactly do you want to play? Over wifi? BT headset?

    I have windows 7 (32 and 64 installed) and a treo pro... not tried this as I don't see the need, unless you wanted to stream over wifi... but then the battery would die so fast, not sure if there would be a great benefit..... and if hooked to a computer, might as well hook up some wireless headphones to the computer (route I would - I've seen people with these and they work great).

    Guess maybe you could go bt headset to treo.

    If no one else answers, I might give this a shot when I have time.
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    hy theog, the possible scenerio for me to use this feature is also over wifi. I share an apartment with roommates, and cant play the music out loud when I am working in kitchen, or am sitting in balcony. I often use my phones as a music player and when I get my TP, I want to esp. use it as a music player as well because it has 3.5mm jack. The benefit is even when i have noise canceling earphones stuffed into my ears, when a call comes in, I would know. If I use a Stereo BT headset with computer, I wont get that benefit. Plus, I found that once I go about 20ft away from my room, audio on my BT headset starts skipping or gets noisy. Wifi would be a better medium due to its range. So, if I could stream audio to TP over wifi (battery wont be an issue since I am at home), I can listen music, hear incoming calls, and not disturb my roommates either. I know WMP12 can handle streaming. What I dont know is if this could stream to a WM device or not. Can you please test it when you get time??
    Cingular Treo 750||ATT WM6 ROM||AT&T Blue SIM||1GB SanDisk Card||

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