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    I just got the Seidio 3500 mah extended battery.
    Does anyone know if the phone calculates the battery percentage remaining based on the size of the current battery, or on the battery it expects to be there - the stock battery?
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    It calculates off of the extended battery.
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    and man does that 3600mah battery last foreverrrrr too!
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    I have not been able to kill it in a single day yet....and boy have I tried.
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    This battery is one of the reasons I got a Treo Pro.

    I'm around 65-70pct at the end of a 16-hr day. My previous device- the Touch Pro- would be 50pct through battery #2 at that mark.
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    I echo all the post. Great battery life and the reading meter is accurate.
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    i have an extended battery rhat works perfectly except for the "meter reading" issue. The phone lasts for hours but it keeps telling me the battery is about to die....any ideas?

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