I havent got my Treo pro yet, but I will have one soon. Just to play with it till I get my own, i went to local sprint store yesterday. While this is a sleek device, I noticed that the screen was not as accurate as other WM devices. What I mean by 'not as accurate' is that whenever I opened menus from the softkeys, then whichever item I wanted to choose, it would select the item right above it instead, unless I used tip of thumb to tap. I was using my thumb obviously, and I am used to using the part between the flat and tip of the thumb. But I had to use my thumb tips with menus on Treo Pro screen, and folding the thumb to use the tip , then to extend it to reach desired menu item is not comfortable at all. Ofcourse the stylus worked fine. The accuracy was better while tapping buttons as in calculator app, probably because their size is bit bigger than tap space for each menu item.

One can argue that its probably my thumbs and style of tapping, but I have a Tilt and a Treo 750 right now, and they dont suffer from this issue. For example on my Treo 750, I can tap desired menu item by even using the thumb almost flat. Also, on Treo Pro, I found that I had to press on screen with slightly greater force than on Treo Pro. It possibly could be the flush glass coating on top of the actual screen. What is you guys experience with tapping on menu items with thumb on Treo Pro screen?? And for guys who came from treo 750, do you feel the same problem that I noticed with thumb tapping on treo pro menus??