First off, i'd like to appologize in advance if i'm in the wrong section, as you can see, i'm farely new here. I recently (about 4 months ago) purchased the Treo 800w. It's a nice phone, and does what i like it to do. Though, today, randomly, i received a few texts at the same time, and the phone sort of, froze. So my first thought was to remove the battery and put it back in. (maybe a bad idea?). After doing this, i realized as soon as i went into messaging, the phone began going incredibly slow and lagging immensly. So, in an effort to fix it, i deleted all text messages i had saved. Now i noticed that there was one i couldn't delete. It was completely black (as in it didn't say anything and was from nobody). I thought this HAS to be the problem and attempted to delete it, but when i tried, the phone froze when i selected menu, this has happened several times and i'm not sure how i can fix it. Any ideas?