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    ok when I was tooling around in the registry I found a nifty little setting that will enable the keyguard if it so happens to disable itself ok


    Ok the setting is for IsAlignScreen that setting should be zero for the keyguard to work
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    Would it completely disable it or just give it the 5 second buffer?
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    No that would make so the red button will work for locking the phone

    For some of use this happens when we fail to get a a proper screen align (slight crack in the screen) so when that happens the phone then turns off the guard, but just by changing that value back to zero makes the keyguard work.
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    but a 1 would completel disable this. I believe there is option in the software todo that if your wanting to remove keyguard, but if not just change the value to 1 and it will be disabled
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    Thank you for letting us know!

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