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    I'm looking for a 3.5mm headset with a microphone and in-line volume controls. Preferably earphones. I tried looking on eBay, Google, and surprisingly found no such thing....

    I had a wired headset with mic and volume control on my Touch Pro and assumed there would be a dozen of these for the Treo Pro, and I would be able to walk into any electronics shop and pick one.
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    i'm using headset for iphone it works fine.. but lack of in-line volume control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeXacTa View Post
    i'm using headset for iphone it works fine.. but lack of in-line volume control.
    I'm sure there are hundreds of 3.5mm phone headsets that all work, but am surprised there are none w/ inline volume controls.
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    I'd be interested in finding something like that as well.
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    I picked up the Altec UHP336's(or a version of them) for $10 a pop last month on They are pretty sweet. Cloth cable, mic and send/end on the right ear cable, volume and mute on the main cable. The main plug is 2.5mm and it comes with a 3.5mm adapter. Sound quality is nice and much better than the UE MetroFi one I bought for $35 on Amazon. People hated the way I sounded on it. The Altec's are pretty sweet, and better with the Comply tips.

    There's the chance they could be knockoffs, but they don't seem to be from the build quality and case they came with. The body is more round than indented like the regular 336's, and the cable isn't detachable. For $10 though, they're unbeatable.
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