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    I have my bluetooth connected to my phone at all times. But every time I either end a call, or make a call, the volume goes back to minimum, and I have to first increase the volume on the phone using the volume rocker, then because the phone only goes half way, I have to increase it on the bluetooth itself. anyone have any solutions to this ANNOYING problem? I use a Plantronics Discovery 925.
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    Sorry, that's a long time known bug in the Treo 800w.

    Many have tried valiantly to resolve it, but none have ever succeeded. You can search this forum and you'll find plenty of talk about it. Many attempted fixes, but none really does away with the problem.

    Most of us who were trying to find solutions for the problem ended up getting another device. It's not a problem on devices like the Treo Pro and Touch Pro.

    Some other (older) WM devices have been known to have the same BT volume bug and I don't think people with those devices ever found a fix either.
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    ahhh, thanks for the info, that sucks... its a company phone and i cant get a different device...just gotta live with it i guess then.
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    Yup - Thanks Palm for this little bug(sticks middle finger in the air).
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    And here goes another middle finger to this annoying bug on the 800w. This really sucks!!!
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    Fortunately it's not universal. It does not happen on my 800W with either my H710 or H715. It also did not happen with the Voyager Pro for the short time I had it.

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