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    I currently have a Treo 650 and am thinking of upgrading to a Treo Pro. How is the keyboard on the Pro? Are the keys the same size as the 650 or are they as small as the Centro? I think typing on the Centro is too small. I really like the idea of the WIFI internet access. Thank you.
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    I recently moved from a 680 to the Pro, so I have similar experiences. The keyboard is a little smaller than the 680 (the keys are actually the same size -- it's just that the space between the keys is smaller), so it will take some time getting used to this. And WinMo is quite different from PalmOS, although I'm finding that I'm able to recreate most of the functionality from PalmOS with various 3rd party applications, and it's just a matter of getting used to the new menus, etc.

    And yes, the WiFi on the Treo Pro is definitely sweet.
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    Just a note, a bit of a search gets you bunches of information on this.
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    I moved from a Treo 650 to a Pro last year. After a few teething problems I've never looked back. The Pro is a far superior phone (though it does benefit from some customization - SPB Shell, Handy Switcher, etc). And the wi-fi is great. I love listening to online radio when I'm having breakfast in a restaurant.
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    I've moved from a 650 -> 700W -> 680 -> iPhone 3G .... but I find I need the Qwerty and a more responsive unit.

    How is the menu lag on this 400MHz unit? I had the 312 MHz 700W and I found it to be quite laggy.

    Does anyone have an iPhone to compare it to? Do you see what I mean about the iPhone lag?
    You can solve 99% of the Treo's problems with a hard reset.
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    I find that a small bit of lag exists when first opening up menus (for example, right after a soft reset), but subsequent openings were a little faster, since it was already cached in memory. Keep in mind that if you have hundreds of e-mails or text messages in your inbox that it may take many seconds for Messaging to open, but this is more of an issue with Windows Mobile itself than with the Pro's 400MHz CPU clock speed.

    There are a few settings and Registry hacks you can apply to speed up the device. Turning off "ClearType Text" is a good one. And here's a list of some Registry hacks which also might speed up things for you a bit.

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