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    can anyone reccomand a good today screen stock program? thnx
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    You could try the following, as there is a free trial version available:

    STQ - Stock Ticker & Quotes
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    I was looking for one also. This is the one program that is missing from my treo.
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    StockManager from Best I've found. Been using for years.
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    Did you need to pay for it or is it free?
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    StockManager is not free, but it's reasonbly priced and does a great job. Programmers sweated over that code....and the servant is worthy of his hire. Which is to say, the app is worth the price.

    (Note: I bought the app, but didn't write it and have no stake in TinyStocks )
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    check out pocket stock center in the wm development/mortscript (I wrote it)
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    Scotty. Been using your app for a few days now. I'm having a problem with it not updating (refreshing). I have it set to run from 7am to 7pm and update every 30 min. Even if I try to force an update by hitting activate auto updates it only works occasionaly. Also there is a glitch on the screen where it dosnt redraw correctly.

    Love the program just wish I could get it to update.

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