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    I purchased a GSM Treo Pro from eBay... on the third day of use, I pulled it out of my pocket and the phone was off and the battery should have had around 80% (which as you all know doesn't happen to a treo unless the battery is dead). I took the phone home and put it on the charger - nothing. Not even a red charging light. I pulled the battery out and plugged it in and the red light came on, so I assumed it was the battery.

    I then purchased another battery for it and it came today - but it's obvious to me now that it's not the battery's fault. What can I do? Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?
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    First try soft reset (button inside the back cover), then if that does not work, try a hard reset (take the battery out, hold the red button and put the battery back in)

    If these do not work, then contact the seller to arrange for a refund.

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