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    Hey guys just wanted to get your feedback on what you like most about Flexmail on WinMo 6.1. I have noticed that a lot of its features are now on PO so I wanted to see what you like most about it now. IDLE is the most obvious one.
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    I want to really like Flexmail, as I feel it's a good alternative to Pocket Outlook. But the ONE thing I absolutely hate about Flexmail is that ridiculous tabbed interface for the To, Subject, CC, and BCC fields when you go to compose a new message. Why can't Webis make an option for allowing those fields to instead be on one row individually, rather than bunching them up with that tab interface? It's this one reason why I'm still using Pocket Outlook.
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    FlexMail is the closest I've seen to Chatter but it's still missing a feature that I loved in Chatter and that was the ability to set the time it would go out and fetch mail. I've had to turn my phone to vibrate at night so that the phone won't wake me up when I get mail in the middle of the night.

    The SMS bothered me as well as the interface for getting to my emails. I'm sticking with Pocket Outlook for now.
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    I use Flexmail for just a moment, but I didn't notice an advancement over Profimail nor PO. It is just sloooow to fetch and retrieve new email. I've installed it on my Treo Pro on two different times, both times I didn't see a reason to keep it.

    Profimail is really quick, but I've been suffering lately with it, as sometimes my email accounts just disappears and I have to reenter all the settings, as trying to import the settings from a backup didn't work.

    So now I'm using PO and Gmail mobile. Waiting for a new solution (if ever).

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    Have been a fairly satisfied flexmail user on my pro now for a few months. it did take some initial tweaking, but its been very consistent with pushing my gmail, if there were other real imap options out there, i would jump to try them out, but flexmail is all we got for now.

    esturado: did you try the suggestions in this thread to fix the slow send/receive times? They worked for me. I also downloaded ver 4.10 yesterday and so far it is significantly faster than the previous version.
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    I also have used FlexMail and with this release am experiencing significant period of time for messages to go out, for it to sync when told and for it to reestablish a connection. I am more than aware of the period to reconstruct headers, et cetera. I have switched over to PO and POP with it set to log in every 5 minutes. I really prefer FlexMail, but the wait for messages to go out at times is just a plain hassle.
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    bclinger, try the newest version on their website and the fix in my previous post. My message send/receive time now is pretty much instantaneous.
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    I did the changes and it is working faster. I will try it a few days to see if it is a keeper for me.

    Thank you very much for your tips. It shouldn't be so hard.

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    OK this is a serious question so don't laugh. What is flexmail? Is it for email?
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    Quote Originally Posted by datmescandude View Post
    OK this is a serious question so don't laugh. What is flexmail? Is it for email?
    HA! HA! HA! Sorry couldn't help it. How about Google? Have you heard of it? Google try flexmail

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