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    on my wireless network at home I have the following setup:

    MSI wireless router RG54GS2, no connection to the internet. DHCP enabled.

    attached to it via cable: nx6325 HP notebook computer, this notebook is connected to the internet via UMTS/HSDPA USB stick, notebook assigned IP through DHCP

    I have installed a free proxy server software called JANA-SERVER on the nx6325 notebook (IP like above, port 3128) and every PC on my wireless home network connects through this proxy via wi-fi (over MSI router) to the internet without any problem....

    ....except my Treo Pro...

    I established already a connection to the MSI router but Pocket IE is not able to find any page on the internet. I entered proxy settings in Windows Mobile 6.1 but no success. So yesterday evening I gave up for the time being.

    My Treo Pro came from Amazon Germany, it is unlocked, no SIM lock & no NET lock, has UMTS.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks & best regards,

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    Seems that my (or all?) Treo Pro is not able to handle such configuration...

    I purchased a wifi router that supports 3G USB modems, hope it will work!



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