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    I currently use a Palm Treo most of the time. I also have a Motorola V190 that I like to switch to for occasions when I need more battery life. I used to do this (without ANY problems) when I had a Media Net bundle.

    I was then told that Media Net bundles were not intended for Smartphones/Treos and that I needed to switch to a PDA plan which I did.

    Now since switching to the PDA plan, I am unable to access the web when using the V190 (I can text + make phone calls only). I never lost web access before when switching between the Treo and V190 when I was using the Media Net bundle.

    I spoke w/ a tech support person and she confirmed that this was probably due to the PDA plan.

    I'm wondering if I can just switch back to the Media Net plan and use that for both the Treo and the V190. Does anyone know a better solution?
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    This comes up all the time and always brings with it some strong opinions. I have had a Medianet plan since my 650 days, then my 750 and continue to use it with the GSM TP. It works fine and only costs me $20/month.

    Some say this is a non conforming plan and if you get caught that you can be charged big data fees. Others say they can't back charge you but only can force you to a new pda plan. I also use a 3G razr and both work with the same SIM (although candidly since the pro is so "pocketable" I now almost never switch).

    My suggestion is to go on line to the ATT site and switch your phone to the motorola V190 and also change to the Medianet plan. Technically you could sit around and stream 3G video all day on your V190 which would use tons of data so they can't really limit you.

    I am now a firm believer in NOT buying subsidized ATT phones as the $200 savings will be made up in 10 months with the cheaper data plan and each year you save $240 more.
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    I've had no problem using Treo smartphones with the cheap medianet data plans, even with the Treo Pro never had a problem. So you could just use it & save monies by not upgrading to a PDA plan and besides you'll still use your Moto V once in a blue moon, so it needs to acess the net as well.

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