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    Is there anyway to do that? Old Palm os phones you just click any buttons on the side the phone, the phone will not send to VM but it will continue to "ring" with no sound or vibrate.
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    Easiest is to hit the spacebar, but any key on the keyboard, the center button, any direction on the 4-way, the volume adjust button on the side, all of these silence the ringer without forcing to VM.
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    hmm does that apply to vibrate as well? Actually i realized, each time when i tried to silence the phone is when I tried to stop the vibration, and by hitting any of the keys, the vibration continues, I guess I'm trying to find a way to stop that.
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    the volume key doesnt work here only the central button
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    Ive always used the side volume toggle on my phones, including the Treo Pro. It silences the ringer/vibrate and still lets the call finish without sending to VM.

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