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    Hello, Just went from the 800w to Pro. So far this has been a huge improvement.

    I had my 800w setup to use bluetooth with activesync. I had a hard time getting that setup but once I did it worked everytime.

    I havent had much luck doing this with the Pro. I can make a bluetooth connection but it will onlt stay connected for a few seconds then the connection drops.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions to what might be going wrong. Thanks in advance!
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    I had my 700WX set up with no issues, but have no luck with the Pro. I gave up and just carry a cable everywhere now.

    BTW mine does the same thing, connects at first but drops it right away.

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    Have you tried changing com ports in Active Sync (on your computer)?
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    It only gives me 2 choices 11 and 17. I have tried them both with no difference. It will connect, activesync will start and after a few seconds bluetooth will disconnect. My bluetooth ear piece connects and works fine.

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