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    After using a Treo 300-600-650-700p-700w-800w, I finally got upset with Palm over the 800w's AGPS issue and wandered into the world of sliding landscape qwerty last Decemeber when I picked up a Touch Pro. It was a great phone, and I think it can be usable one-handed for most things (not for typing) with the right tweaks.

    The Touch Pro's most glaring weakness is the battery life. I tried all the custom ROMs, tweaks, etc, and even picked up a Seidio extended battery that would only get me 12-14 hours. So yesterday I got a Treo Pro and it is GREAT to be back.

    The Pro's stock battery isn't a world-beater but the stock Treo Pro battery far outperforms even the extended Seidio Touch Pro battery, and the 3500mAH battery is on the way!

    After using a Pro for 24 hours, I truly realized how little I used my Touch Pro in the last 8 months. Because of the battery life or need to slide out a keyboard or general lag or any number of minor issues, I had actually cut back my smartphone usage significantly. In the last 24 hours I've been glued to this Treo Pro and have probably done more typing in the last 3 hours than I did in any single day of Touch Pro ownership. I used to read emails, and unless it was urgent, I would put off replying until I was near my PC. With the Treo Pro, I reply to every email, visit every web page that comes to mind, launch every program, stream audio and video, use IM, and have fun knowing that there will be enough juice left to get me through the day.

    Maybe I'm just too conditioned to candybar qwertys after 5+ years of owning Treos, but I find that having an always exposed KB that I can use with only one hand changes how I interact with my phone. The KB is very inviting and it's nice to be able to hold the phone in one hand and start typing away messages without even looking at the keyboard. I have not noticed ANY KB lag yet, which is a good sign.

    Thanks to the community for answering my questions while I was considering the switch, and a special thanks to everyone who hurled accolades at the Seidio extended battery. That monster is the main reason I even looked at the Treo Pro in the first place and I'm glad to be back.
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    welcome back to the world of onehandedfrontfacingkeyboardgoodness skfny, i'm contemplating the shiny new touch pro II myself, but i know that phone is really going to have to impress me USABILITY wise to leave my treo.
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    I was set on the Touch Pro 2 until I read Mal's review of the Seidio extended battery and "unleashing all the potential of a WM device" weeks ago. Having IM running 24/7 w/ no battery concerns will be worth it by itself. I miss the days of Verichat (for those who can remember back to the Treo 300 days when Verichat was released in late December).

    I forgot to mention above: it's not just that the battery on the Touch Pro died so quickly, it's that when you do any data- or processor-intensive tasks (streaming video, GPS, web browsing for extended periods with Opera Mobile or Skyfire, using TV-Out), the battery overheats and won't even charge until it has cooled down.
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    I contemplated a jump from the 800w to the Touch Pro but didn't want to deal with the battery life issues and the time it took to access the keyboard. I now have a Treo Pro and so far I am pleased with it. By adding a few tweaks it does everything I need. Thanks to all on this forum who contribute helpful and meaningful information.

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