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    I'm user of Treo Pro GSM with PushEffect.
    When my device is connected there is no sound or icon notification for incoming emails.
    After disconnecting everything works fine.

    Any ideas what's wrong?

    Thanks for help,
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    i have a sprint cdma treo pro and i have the same issue i noticed. i dont use puish effect just standard email retrieval that came with phone. i think its just one of the things tha happen when you connect to a PC. mine shows on phone screen that its connected to computer with 2 arrows pointing opposite directions. prolly something to do with phone syncing or being in syncing mode. or that its connected as an external "drive", because when i look in my computer treo pro is there. so i dont think its a problem as much as a feature and how the phone works. hope that helps somehow. texts and calls should still come through. at least for me they do even if im tethering for computer internet connection.

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