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    Ever since I bought this phone, I've had problems with inadvertent dialing.

    I have Mobile Shell because the Windows default lock application doesn't lock the green button.

    I installed Phonex and set it to open to the Favorites app, which I leave empty, instead of the dialer.

    Now, it seems if you hold down the green button, as sometimes happens when the phone is in your pocket, it overrides both the screen lock and Phonex setting and goes right to the dialer which always has the last number dialed.

    I don't see the green or red buttons in the settings for buttons. Is there a way to re-assign it to another function?
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    I have no software added for locking and the green button only brings up the smartdial screen when the phone is locked. Pressing the green button will not dial a number until I press the center button to unlock the phone.
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    Mine does nothing at all when locked.
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    No accidental dialing with green button either.
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    I just had my Pro dial (fortunately, not a critical number) by accident when the password protected screen was enabled. It is frustrating when you can activate the phone even when it's supposed to be locked.
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    My Pro locks when it's locked. Only pressing Center button does anything.
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    On my phone, pressing the green button while locked will bring up the dialer page listing all my contacts. But, the screen stays locked in that I have to press the center button to go any further.

    Having said that, I get a lot of calls from relatives asking why I called them when I didn't. I'm not sure how it is happening but it surely does.
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    I experience the pocket-dialing as well. I lock my phone, and even have it password protected, but if the green button is pressed twice. The last person I spoke with gets a call.

    I was thinking about trying to adress this with a case that has a hard shell and hinged flip open cover, but that certainly takes away from the conveniece of not using a case (which is my preference).

    I would like to hear how anyone else has addressed this - either with a case or software.

    For those of you who responded saying you never experience this... could you share some of your default settings or any specific add-on software you have installed so I can try to fix the problem?

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    My STP works this way. When the phone is locked and the screen is black ANY button press executes that button then shows the screen is locked. But at this point you can't do any more button presses. However, when the screen goes black again, it repeats and any button press gets executed. So pressing talk twice (with some time in between for the screen to go back to black) calls the last person on my call list.
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    I have finally found a solution for this problem. I purchased PhonEx application and set it to override the Windows Phone App. Then I set my green button to default to "Favorites" instead of "Call List". I have the Favorites screen set as a table with the first favorite set as my own voicemail. These settings do seem to prevent the inadvertant dialing, but in the rare case that it does happen, it will call my voicemail instead of someone else.

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