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    Hi! I'm Daniel, new to the site, but not to Palm. My whole family owns palms, my father and myself have 800w, my mother, brother, & fiancee have Pre's, all on Sprint. I hope this is where i am suppose to post this topic, if not, it would be great if a moderator could point me in the right direction!

    My mother recently got me into Geocaching. I have an older Garmin Etrex Legend GPS that I share with her, but enjoy going on my own treks, without having to wait for her to follow me up a trail. Does anyone cach with their phone? I have found quite a few programs for Palm OS, but not Win mobile. I did find one program online called Gatecacher, but I cant seem to figure out the Cab file, if you could tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be super! Anyone else have any ideas for other programs? Thanks! This is my first post, look forward to being a regular contributor!
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    I am currently playing with:

    It worked fine on my last 800w. I replaced the phone about a month ago. I have only tried it once since then and it was acting odd. It crashed a few times. I believe that it may be a faulty GPX file however.

    I am currently using a Garmin 760 as my main unit (not the best for Geocaching) and hoping that I can get this software to work.

    I will report back any more experience with this software (I only get out once every couple of weeks). If you could report back too, I would appreciate it.
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    Yes, I would be happy to report anything I find that works! I actually have a friend who uses a Garmin 760 and though I have found it hard to use, she has no problems with it. Being a back country ranger & knowing how to accurately use a compass must help a good deal! Thanks for the hit on BasicGPS, I just downloaded it and I am planing on using it this week. will respond back on how it does! Again Thanks!
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    Glad to help.

    I assuming you are aware of: Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

    Once you become a paid member (it's about 30/yr) you can download GPX files and put them directly on your 800w. Without a paid membership, you can still download coordinates, you just don't get the enhanced information found in the gpx files.
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    You can also Google G-Timer (has some GPS functionality for geocaching - is free) and BeeLineGPS (a more comprehensive commercial solution).
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    I am aware of , im not a paid member, but am planing on it soon. I really like basicgps, but can't seem to get it on my phone. I have installed frameworks, and have active synced basicgps to my phone but it won't install. any help? how do I actually find the cab file? thanks all!
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    The way I did it was to connect the phone, then dragged and dropped the cab from my pc to the memory card, then used file explorer on the device to navigate to the correect folder and install it from there.

    You can also navigate to the website on the phone's browser, download it directly, then run the cab from the folder you downloaded it to.

    Don't know how new you are to WinMo devices, but a cab cannot be directly installed from a pc like an "exe" can.

    If neither of these work, let me know.
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    The installation is as Jabo describes it. I have used BasicGPS for bunches of months without any problems. It ran fine on my 800W and runs fine on the Touch Pro. You can install it to the card. I am also a paid member of and I also have a DeLorme PN-40. The link is BasicGPS - Download and can be downloaded to where ever you want - then remembering where ever you want is, open File Explorer, find the file and tap. Again, you can store it to the card.
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    I am fairly new to wn mobile. i was a blackberry user for a while. im enjoying learning more, i have gotten to use different programs learn to play with tthem all. thanks for the info on actually downloading the cab file, looking back i have done the same thing, drag it on the computer. agains thanks guys. Now that i have it working & have some cach'es on it, im going to go run the trails for a while! how often do you all actally get out with your cellphone? any possitives or negatives of using the 800w as a gps? thanks again everyone!
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    No issues really. Accuracy is a wild thing. One aspect to look at is how accurate is the original unit the coordinates were taken from? Another is did the person average the location? Another aspect is that not all GPS receivers are created equal and even the exact same model may very well show a different coordinate. A GPSr should get you within 5-12 or so feet - some more, some less. The real thing to do is to get fairly close to what you are looking for, ignore the GPSr and just look around.
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    I've been using this geocaching program lately from NICQUE Freeware. I can't post URLs at this point, but you can probably google it and find it.

    It's a freeware program and uses your account to retrieve cache info directly from the site based on a variety of criteria you can specify... then uses Google Maps to display the location of the cache. Haven't really gotten to use it much, but it does eliminate the need to transfer GPX files over to my phone.
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    I have it installed on my Touch Pro; however, I do prefer BasicGPS.
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    Yea, Basic gps is working on my 4th 800W,

    I have since grown weary of the lack of support etc....

    I have moved on the a BB Tour (Sprint), so far I am digging it. I was going to look into geocaching progrs for it, but I picked up a Garmin 400t with credit card points. Man that is a sweet unit!

    I will still lurk occasionally, feel fre to pm me if you need help.
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    Lack of support? I have sent the developer 4 notes and received answers to each of them. I had the 400T and ended up with a DeLorme PN-40. Both are good units - I just got tired of the wheel on the 400T.
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    I was unclear with that post.
    I have nothing against BasicGPS. I love the software. plus it's freeware! I actually think threr's a special place in hell for people that post all over forums complaining about software they never paid for.

    What i meant is that i am giving up my 800w for a BB Tour.

    My 400t has no wheel. Was the one you had an Oregon or a Colorado? I think the Colorado's had/have a wheel.

    i was holding out, waiting for the "Pittsburgh" model from them. wonder when that'll be?

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