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    I am in Vegas and my AllTel Treo Pro refuses to connect to the exchange server on its own now because I am roaming. If I manually do a Send/Receive I get a warning that I am Roaming and charges may apply. I say OK and it will check once, but that is it and I have to do it manually every time. I need my syncing to the exchange server to continue automatically so I know when I have emails.

    Can anyone post instructions on how to make this happen?


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    Try this.

    Start > Settings > Phone > Services > Roaming > Data Roam Guard > Never Ask & Allow Roaming
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    I don't have that option on my AllTel treo
    I wonder if anyone knows the reg setting to do this?
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    Getting closers... I went to ActiveSync program and under "Schedule" there's a check box to "Use the above settings while roaming." However, that option is greyed out. ARGH WTH.


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