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    Hello all,

    Long time Treo user. I purchased a 800w last year and was sorely disappointed about battery life. Have been using a BlackBerry Curve for a year and toyed with a Storm for about a week as well. The Treo Pro was in my mind for a long while, but could not justify the price. I finally purchased one off eBay a few days ago and could not be happier. I am back to the Treo/WM fold.

    Just checking in.
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    Hello & welcome back. I am presuming you have the Sprint Treo Pro. I have had the GSM version since last October & really like it, glad you are happy with yours.
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    Thanks charlyee,

    I am with Alltel. They actually beat Sprint to the punch with the TP. I have been extremely happy with Alltel's Rev. A speeds. Now that Verizon has purchased them, I would imagine the speeds would be the same or better.
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    Welcome back to the best treo ever.
    Just call me Berd.

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