My phone had been freezing up a lot lately, and last night it froze again. So like normal I pulled the battery and put it back in. it took a very long time to boot up, and eventually booted up as if it was the first day I got it (tap the screen to setup, align the screen, tutorial stuff, etc). so I went ahead and went through the setup procedure and sure enough everything on the phone was gone.

now that I have the phone basically back to where it was, I noticed there is no GPS icon on the Today screen. And in the Phone settings, there is not "Location" option to turn on or off the GPS. The GPS Manager icon is still in Settings and seems to be normal. I tried to run Sprint Navigation and it seems to have a hard time "Getting GPS" when searching for a location. I also cant change the GPS Location setting to turn off the GPS beacon when Im not using it (to save battery).

Any ideas how to get those GPS options back?