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    I'm sure this is probably known by most folks here, but I thought I'd give it another mention, just in case.

    I was trying to figure out how to run a particular program with command-line based parameters. From what I (thought) I knew, you had to hold down the center D-pad button while clicking on the clock icon. But this kept not working for me. It turns out that it's not the center D-pad button that needs to be held down, but rather the Control button.

    Basically, open up the virtual keyboard, click the "Ctl" button, and then tap and hold the clock icon. An option to "Run" will shortly appear, which will then open up the box where you can type in your program path (and any option/flags/parameters) via the command line.

    Hope you find this useful!
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    nice tip. I've always used the Resco Explorer File->Run option for this, but then you have to have Resco to do it.

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