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    I have seen info here on the 1350 battery and read user reviews on the 2600 battery from Seidio. I am in major need of additional power do to heavy data use (push email, rss feeds and weather) on my Treo 800w. I was wondering if anyone has recently bought either of these batteries and if the issues that were previously seen are resolved.

    Thanks for the help.
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    I bought one of the 2600 battery from Seidio and its great. Alittle bulky but beats the hell out of charging my phone every couple hours. I can actually leave my GPS and bluetooth on. It actually allows you to use the phone and not worry so much about the battery draining.
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    The sedio 2600 battery is excellent ... gets better than 2 times the life of the stock battery. I have had it for almost a year with no problems. I was not aware that there were issues with the battery ... I have never had any.
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    Same here...I was worried about all the problems that had been posted, but I've had it over a month with no issues. I was only getting about 18 hours of use from the stock battery with everything turned off. Now I can go 2 full days with GPS, bluetooth, e-mail, etc...

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