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    I really like using Netfront as my primary browser, but there is one really annoying issue: the fact that when you open up the browser, the cursor focus does not automatically go to the Address/Location bar, allowing you to quickly type in a URL. I either have to use the stylus or my finger to click on the location bar in order to type in a new address. How lame.

    Is there any sort of application that will allow me to "map" one of the keys when pressed to have the focus go to the address/location bar? I've tried JZ Mortscript, PHMKeys, HButton, SPHelper, and others, but I haven't found a solution. Thanks in advance!
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    *bump* anyone...? Or is this just not possible to do?
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    i use netfront and think its the best for the pro too. You said you tried mortscript, were you not able to emulate the screen press? I was considering writing a mortscript to do it.
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    That's correct. I was not able to set up any sort of key mapping with Mortscript that would allow it to transfer focus to the address/location bar. But perhaps I didn't do it correctly? I'm not as familiar with Mortscript as others here may be, so perhaps it is possible to do with Mortscript?
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    I set up an HTML page with all of my favorite links on it and set it to my home page, you can format 1, 2 or 3 columns of labels. To use, I scroll to the link, enter, view the website, then hit the back key. speeds up the browsing process for me anyways.
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    Got it working with mortscript using pretty much the same code that hannip used for his outlook script.

    Save code below as .mscr file. Copy file to \windows\start menu\programs directory on device. Go into settings and assign any button to the mscr. I have mine set to opt+calendar button. I think i'll look into fullscreen button toggle solution too, as this is pretty neat

    activeWin = ActiveWindow()
    	MouseClick( activeWin, 10, 10 )
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    Awesome! It works great. Thanks. Finally, I can browse NetFront one-handed. I'll be investing a little bit more time into MortScript, as there's a lot of neat stuff you can accomplish with it. Thanks again!

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