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    i just upgraded from a treo 700wx to a treo pro!
    as i was installing the old applications from the 700wx, i installed the currently working TCPMP for the treo pro

    now my problem is.. whenever i open youtube from internet explorer it plays the content directly in ie and not in TCPMP. when i was using the 700wx tcpmp would ask if i would like to play the file in their player.. how can i get the same tcpmp to function the same way? or is it ie?
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    Its in a way interet explorers fault. The plugin you installed for TCPMP to play youtube videos only works on PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer). You can switch between the two using CodyPPC's cab filesfor IE8 ad PIE toggle. Just search it up, downlod it and use PIE instead.
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    ok so i downloaded the toggle application from codypcc .. but my TCPMP is still not working the way i want it to...
    when i go to youtube and click on a video link the mesg. that asks if i want to play it in TCPMP doesnt show.. am i missing the plugin?
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    nvm im a dumbass didnt install the flashbundle
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    ok now im getting the "cannot open url" error message..
    any help would be appreciated

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