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    Hi all treocentral members,
    Just thought I would fill yall in on whats going on, Cmonex at XDA-devs is thinking highly about making us an unlocker BUT she needs a phone to work with, she wants to make a GSM unlocker first and needs a device for it. Im pretty sure I have a source for a CDMA Treo pro for her but what im asking from yall is the possibility for donations for a GSM Treo Pro. So I can get an idea of the interest can you reply to this thread with an amount if any that your willing to donate.
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    What fayfay392 says is true. I have been talking to cmonex over at XDA. I am the one that is willing to send my STP to get the cdma unlocker done. Also I am waiting for a reply to a few questions I have. As soon as I get my answers I will be posting all the info here and over at PPCGeeks & XDA for donating to the cause.
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    See: CDMA - Who wants a custom Rom for the Treo Pro? - Page 3 - PPCGeeks

    When the 1.04 updater made it into the wild, many of us felt the unlocker could be used from that to make custom ROMs for the CDMA Treo Pro.

    Bottom line is this, your CDMA Treo Pro's ROM is "locked" in and can't be changed even if a custom ROM is made UNTIL someone makes a program to "unlock" it. (I guess NightRaven was trying to use the 1.04 updater with what he made, but once there is a seperate "unlock" program, applying custom ROMs will be easier.) Cmonex is the queen when it comes to unlockers. She made the one I use on my CDMA Touch Pro.

    I'm thinking, this is you guys last shot for custom ROMs.

    If Cmonex makes an unlocker, the chefs will more likely make you guys custom ROMs. Cmonex confirms she's interested if you guys offer a little incentive.
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    Thanks darnell for explaining this to them, basically if yall want an unlocker so the other Chefs and I can start to make this device perform to its fullest, we need to give cmonex some incentive! She is the queen of hacking WM devices and is only one of about 3 in the world that I know of who is capable of doing this.

    Ive already dissected the 1.04 rom and I can tell you that I see MANY areas for improvement.

    PLEASE considering pledging a donation for cmonex.

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    And donations are now being accepted here:

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