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    Is there a today plugin software that could show missed calls, voicemails and sms messages on the today screen and if possible have a clock too. I have tried Phonealaram but thats bit too much for my purpose. It has too much functionality and it already messed up few things on my phone, so I had to do a soft reset. I tried SPB phone suite as well, but thats just too bland for the today screen. I like rlToday, but I didnt find a good skin for it. Can you guys recommend a program for the purpose.
    Cingular Treo 750||ATT WM6 ROM||AT&T Blue SIM||1GB SanDisk Card||
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    edit: woops, somehow i missed that u mentioned rltoday. i was running wm7 slim and recently switched to jurgen's htc-like theme. what theme were you using?

    edit2: just remembered i'd also been toying w/ the idea of using the projectIon clock plugin ( in conjunction w/ a stripped down rltoday theme just for the counters..cuz i do love that digital look...not sure if an rltoday theme has one neatly packaged.
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    How about the HTC today plugin? Not the manilla one... the one that was on the original touch....

    Also, SPB Mobile Shell has all of that plus other widgets that you can rearrange to your hearts content.
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    I use rlToday, you can customize it completely yourself through the XML files. Make it what you want. I will put up a screen shot maybe tonight. I put a great looking clock and have Missed txt, missed email and missed calls plus a button for my launcher. Very minimal and works absolutely perfectly on the Treo Pro!
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    How about Treo Alert Pro?

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