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    Hi Folks,

    I am unable to access my email with my new phone:

    "Cannot connect to the incoming mail server. Be certain that your login information is correct, then try again to send and receive mail."
    1.) I use google apps with my own domain
    2.) IMAP is enabled
    3.) I followed the instructions from googles help site
    4.) I have successfully setup IMAP email on my previous phone (MOTOq9C) which still works as I type this

    (for some reason, data still works on my old phone)

    I have checked, douiblechecked, and rechecked that I am entering all of the details/username/password correctly and can access it via my computer, but not on my phone.

    I found this link where other folks were having the same issue:

    (I had to remove the link due to my postcount. But it is the first result if you google the error message)

    But no solution.

    Any suggestions? I setup other email accounts on my phone and they work fine, but this particular google account will not.
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    Did you follow the directions on the GMail site? Also, you might consider giving FlexMail a go.
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    Wait, are you saying that both your Pro and Q9C have a data connection on the same phone number? That is impossible. If your Q9C is working than your Pro is not (if you have WiFi turned off) and that could be the reason why gmail isn't working.
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