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    I'm trying this solely for the push gmail, but it seems to be a very sluggish program.

    Does it also suck your battery? it seems to do that (I mean, does it suck your battery more than other push email solutions?)
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    On my 800W it ran ok on everything except emails with large file attachments - it slowed up a bit and the same with the Touch Pro. When doing regular emails, I do not notice a slow down. However, Gmail's IMAP implimentation is not the best, as a result I forward it to my account and it does better. As for sucking the battery - I do not believe there are any other real PUSH applications out there. I use it throughout the work day and charge the device when in the car. I get bunches of email, many with attachments and occasionally I open those up. During times that I loose connection to the server (I am in some seriously signal handicapped areas at time), it does take a bit of time to reestablish contact with the server and restart the sync process - when that happens battery life does suffer. Am I happy with the application? yes.
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    I have decided tovgive up on winmo email and moved to the blackberry. I just got one and was immediately struck by how much better the keyboard is and the battery life is astounding despite the push email. I am pounding this thing with 40 emails and doong whatever and I have only used half of the battery. I am at full brightness. I am still drawn like a moth to. A flame with regards to the customizability of the winmo os. But as it relates to this post, I am unable to find an even approximate equivalent to the email capabilitirs of the blackberry. I think that it is relevant to add that my plan with a bb doesn't cost any more. Otherwise the proper comparison would be with a hosted exchange server, but even then the zen of bb would likely not be duplicated.

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