I was reading an article online that gave a "change name of device for ActiveSync" registry edit: HKLM\Ident -> change value of "Name". That was interesting in itself, but when I navigated to that key on my Treo Pro, I noticed that there's a "Restriction" parameter with a value of "2" (decimal). Does anyone know if lifting the ActiveSync restriction of syncing to no more than 2 PCs is as simple as increasing this value?

I have a work desktop, are personal laptop and a home desktop that I'd love to get synced, but I've had to leave my home desktop out of the loop because of the 2-PC limitation -- which is something I never had to deal with on the Palm Desktop (POS Treos will sync with as many Palm Desktop clients as you have installed). Getting ActiveSync to recognize all of my PCs would be the next best thing to syncing multiple Exchange accounts.