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    I had an issue with the email envelope for the diamond Black i780 theme. It was exposing more of the email than it should. I found 2 ways of fixing this:

    NOTE: You need to have stopped running touchflow when you do either of these (Go to Settings>Today> Uncheck TouchFlo) then turn it back on once you're done.

    1. Edit the HTCHomeSettings.xml line

    <Property name="IDEMAILWG_ENVELOP_UP_RECT" id="35" value="22, 95, 275, 181" />

    <Property name="IDEMAILWG_ENVELOP_UP_RECT" id="35" value="22, 131, 275, 181" />

    This will move the top half of the envelope down to meet the bottom half. It does look a bit odd, but it shows more of the message which can be handy.

    2. Edit the image/s of the envelope (located on your phone in windows\hh_email_envelope_up.png & hh_email_envelope_down.png). This requires an image editor that can handle transparency ( is good). This is a bit trickier than the first option but does look better. I have done this quickly but I'm sure with more time the images could look much better.

    You can download my images if you like and simply paste them in the windows folder on your phone provided TouchFlo isn't running.

    Hope I have helped anyone who has the same problem as I did.
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    hello im new and I just installed the manila on my treo pro. My problem is that the am/pm symbol on my flipclock is reposition far and outside the flip box. what should I do? I'm on 128dpi and already used the htchomeset
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    My task manager is gone
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    anyone try this on 6.5?
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a recent owner of the Treo Pro and I absolutely love it. I love the fact that I've been able to download and use TouchFlo 2D.

    The issue I'm having is, I am only able to use 2 themes. The default and 1 other theme that I downloaded. When I attempt to use any other themes, I run into the same problem. 1/4 of my screen on the right side is stuck. I've searched several forums and the answer that I've found has been to replace the HTCHomeSetting XML....I've done this several times and this has not fixed the problem. I was wondering if there is another solution out there that I have yet to try. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Anbody able to get this theme? The Hero Theme?
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    I am very very pleased with this. More than I can say.

    After only an hour of work I only have the icons at the bottom of the screen problem that I am working on fixing. Shouldn't be much longer now, I love this interface
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    This is my first Pro.
    I am happy for your instructions here and I have followed all steps.

    Everything seems to be working... but at weather tab, it is blank, to option to add city, no nothing, just blank.
    What am I missing ?? please help. Thanks a lot.
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    Its really great to have this in my treo pro, I have follow all the steps but eventually bottom part of widget tabs cut off. Anybody encounter this problem before? Any solution on this issue? Thanks..
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    When I make a call and touch the speaker or any of the buttons on the call screen it does not recognizes the touch but instead I have to use the center button to select the command...

    Any one having the same problem? I am using M2DC/TouchFlow2D.
    Can anyone try and let me know if they have it like this?

    Thnx' in advance/

    UPDATE: Never mind I guess this is normal so you don't touch any buttons with ones face...
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    Hi guys

    Im trying to instal manila2D on my i780, i downloaded and folowed steps u have writen here, but, it keep saying ''tap here to launch...'' and wont run it...
    where could i make ''wrong turn''?
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    Much love to the OP! I now officially LOVE LOVE LOVE my Treo Pro more than my Blackberry Bold. SOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAPPPPYY!!! This is absolutely fantastic and worked like a charm
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    My M2D run well except some miror faults that acceptable. One day, I un-installed Google Map from my device (Internal Memory) and installed new version of Google Map into my Storage Card to free up my device memory.
    From this moment, the Location tab (also known as Google Map tab) is displayed but has no response when I click. I guessed that, the executive file 's link is wrong but I found no where to correct it.
    Anyone has same issue as mine? How can I correct it?
    By the way? If i wanna display Calender Tab, How would I do?
    Sorry for bad Eng.
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    how do i center the clock, on some themes its more on the left side of the screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by classhhydrolynx View Post
    Its really great to have this in my treo pro, I have follow all the steps but eventually bottom part of widget tabs cut off. Anybody encounter this problem before? Any solution on this issue? Thanks..
    I am having the same problem as classhhydrolynx. I have installed everything in the order as requested. And I did the xml file for native resolution. This really isn't a deal breaker as I can still access everything, but just wanna know if there is a way to fix!!

    Thanks for all your hard work
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    Its rly amazing, but its complicated use on my treo pro cause the internal memory is very low
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    K300i > V360 > Z3 > Treo 650 > Treo Pro > Who knows?
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    so I installed this (I assume on 96dpi) using the page 1 stuff, but when I move to other tabs, I get a ghost of the clock tab on the right side ... any one have ideas?
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    Is there a way to not have the softkeys overlap the slider tabs?
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    This don't work in my treo here. The soft keys never apear, this is caused by the language (brazilian portuguese)?
    even in 96 or standard resolution, that soft keys don't apear
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    Since installing the manilla 2D cab i cannot view my contacts...what do i need to do???
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