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    A river of rumored low and mid-range handsets flows toward Verizon : Boy Genius Report

    Now before you get too excited about the bevy of rumored handsets listed below, we want to be extra clear in stating that this is rumor. A definite rumor. A steaming pile of rumor. And so on. While the source of this list has proven somewhat reliable in the past, it is also a bit loose at times with tipster-sourced information. Ok, enough with the disclaimer… Feast your eyes on a laundry list of low and mid-range handsets (and the Storm 2) reportedly headed to Verizon in the near future:

    * LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 - Full touchscreen, might be like the BL40
    * BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 - October-November release
    * Nokia Shade 2705 - Replaces the Mirage 2605
    * Nokia Twist 7705 - This might be the swivel-style phone that has been rumored for months.
    * Palm Treo 800W - “Even though this was released for Sprint last year, Verizon may not have it out until February 2010.”
    * Motorola Entice (or Harmony) W766 - Replaces the W755
    * Samsung Rogue U960 - Replaces the Glyde U940, expected in August
    * Samsung U450 - Verizon Mobile TV-compatible
    * Samsung Strut U440 - QWERTY handset
    * Samsung Omnia-II i920 - Due out by Christmas

    Now if somehow I can flash a better firmware on to my 800w, or an 800w comes out with better hardware that I can flash it from RED to YELLOW, I'd be very glad. Considering the 800w has been retired, I'm very hesitant to believe this.
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    That would be silly for Verizon to add the 800 next year.
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    Maybe they'll fix the friggin' GPS.
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    Verizon passed on the 800 months before Sprint took it on. In fact if you search into a few folders in Windows you will find a Verizon splash screen.

    They would be stupid to release an outdated phone. I doubt Palm will do any revisions. Pass.
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    Why would Verizon want to punish its customers like Sprint did?
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    Maybe I can sell my old 800w to Verizon. HAH!
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    Hey Kap. How's your iphone treating you?

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