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    I belong in one of the non-divested markets acquired by Verizon. While I was technically still Alltel, all my account info had been transferred to Verizon Wireless.

    Under the Alltel contract, my Treo Pro worked like a champ. The updated roaming lists allowed me in areas that had once been restricted and allowed me mostly EVDO-A everywhere I traveled in the US (KY, MO, WV excluded).

    Well, I needed to upgrade my daughters HTC 6800 to something more reliable for her and change my calling plan to save some cash. That is when I discovered that if I made any changes to the account, I would have to "officially" switch over to a Verizon rate plan and have to purchase Verizon Phones.

    The Palm Treo Pro is not supported on the Verizon network.

    Bummer. Well, I now had to buy four new phones for the family to take advantage of the new calling plan. My daughter and I settled for the HTC Ozone while the wife got the LG Env3 and my son got the LG Env Touch (I'm not impressed by the LG phones). After all the instant rebates, I lost $560.00. Mail-ins will recover $260.00. Not bad. I paid full price for my Treo Pro. That hurt.

    The HTC Ozone (Maple) is a pretty solid QVGA WinMo 6.1 standard smartphone. The transition from touchscreen was humorous and sad at the same time. After a week of playing with the phone, I have to admit I like the non-touch better.

    I miss being able to create documents with MS Office, but editing my existing ones are actually easier. Google Maps works (Yes, Verizon unlocked the GPS). There is a small difference with IE6, but most people won't notice it unless they try to download images from web applets (you can't, on the Treo Pro I had the option to save as any file and saved it as a .tif for reading in my fax viewer).

    Verizon's coverage is actually worse than what I had with the Treo Pro on Alltel. I think it has something to do with Sprint actually. The partnership isn't as good as what Alltel had.

    The HTC Ozone has a much better keyboard than the Treo Pro. I miss the extra screen space, but enjoy the fact that it is far easier to find aps for a 320x240 screen than a 320x320 screen. Screen fonts are obscenely large, but a version of 96dpi is available. (It works, but it has some issues to fix before it can be used on the Ozone.

    Oh, WinMo 6.5 will be cooked for the Ozone by the boys at xda. Word is that HTC might put out an upgrade too. The Ozone can handle the upgrade as it has a much faster processor and user interface.

    So, I guess this is farewell for now. If anyone is interested in buying a used Alltel Treo Pro that was flashed with the Sprint Treo Pro 1.04spr ROM, just pm me.

    I'll be back whenever Verizon starts shelling out WebOS phones. I may pass on the Pre. A side sliding keyboard with a larger screen and Snapdragon chip would bring me back in a heartbeat. Unless HTC does the same and brings WinMo 7.0. I then may have a conflict of interest.

    Take care, I'll pop in to catch up on what is new and exciting.
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    Thanks for the detailed description...I am currently on Alltel and am being told the same thing...The bottom line is my new Treo Pro will not work wtih Verizon....

    What I don't quite get is the fact that this phone was sold as unlocked....blaa...blaa....Is it sure seems like I/Verizon should be able to make it work with little effort....I suppose it is that Verizon has no incentive.

    I am looking at switching to the Ozone Also.....
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    What does not work? I'm in Eastern NC, and my billing and online info switched over from Alltel to V. last week. I haven't noticed anything different (as far as email, web browsing, etc.)...Yet.
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    wait until you have to make a change to your account, they will require that you change your phone first.
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    Yikes! So, if you switch any phone on the family plan to verizon, do you have to switch all phones to verizon (that are not compatible)? Any idea how that will work if different phones on the family plan have different upgrade times? My parents have BB Pearls and I have the TreoPro... They're up for an upgrade in February, and I'm not up for an upgrade until December '10. I like my TreoPro, but I certainly wouldn't object to an early upgrade.
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    FWIW, my family switched from Alltel to Verizon in a similar fashion. We upgraded our phones in April and were merged in October. Two Palm Treo Pros and an LG Banter/Rumor.

    Since the merge, I've had to make several account changes. Never once have we been forced to switch phones. So perhaps its a market issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by twofish View Post
    Since the merge, I've had to make several account changes. Never once have we been forced to switch phones. So perhaps its a market issue?
    Or possibly an uninformed or greedy CS/Sales Agent?
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