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    Ok. So I am coming from the treo 755p and the screen is cracked so im gunna get a new phone. I am a business owner and I use my phone alot. I also text alot, check my emails all the time and surf the web. I had the 800w for a few days and wasnt sure about WM. I have heard it takes some getting used to. I also had the PRE for a day but it locked up on me due to transfering a ton of pics to it and sprint couldnt fix it so I returned it and went back to my 755p. I am not big on sliders and im not sure about WM. I have to get a new phone and its a toss up between the TREO PRo and the PAlm PRE. What do you guys think? I just really need it to work out of the box. I have never added apps or any of that. I like the form factor of the TREO PRO cause its simular to my 755p but im not big on the small cramped keyboard.
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    I abandoned the Pre, returning to the Treo Pro after a week, for reasons I detailed in this post. Before the Treo Pro I had a Centro, and before that, the 755p. For pure ease of use, the 755p can't be beat, especially for the use cases you mentioned. WM has a steeper learning curve, but the upshot is that you have access to just about any form factor you want: front-facing qwerty (my preference), full touchscreen, horizontal sliders, vertical sliders, dual sliders and flip phones.

    I'm not going back to the 755p because I don't want to tie my future to an OS platform with no further products in the pipeline. But if you're looking for something that just works out of the box, and you don't add third-party apps, the 755p is a better choice IMO. It's not sexy, but operationally it's still one of the most straightforward and reliable smartphones out there.
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    This is my opinion.

    As a business owner myself, here is my opinion: The Pre is not ready for many of us yet. Further, I don't know if it will ever be, given its constructions. It feels cheap. And it is very hard to one hand.

    I had doubts about the slider, and have always hated sliders, and if you are like me, you will hate the Pre because the slider is a lot harder to use one-handed, and the keyboard is, in fact, a lot more cramped. IF you hate sliders, you will probably hate this.

    Of course, this is a matter of opinion.

    I agree with Gameboy70, WM does have a bit of a learning curve, and it can be buggy, but I don't think it gets enough credit. If you use exchange for work or lots of email, and have lots of contacts, you might find it hard adjusting to the Pre in its current state.

    The synergy feature is nice in concept, but in practice, it sucks. They need to work on it. Even on WM 6.1, I can search my exchange box. You cant search email on the Pre, yet.

    I mean, true the Iphone is Slick, but it can't multitask, and you can't one hand it. And true, there are a lot of great things about WebOS, but there are too many drawbacks if you need everything to work how it has been working. The multitasking rocks, but at times, I often found it to be slower the WM (maybe a software bug?)

    The Web Browser renders pages nicely, but it is a lot harder to use in my opinion than both Opera, Opera Mini, and Safari. Even with Safari, I can one hand it.

    The PIM stuff on the pre is horrid, and coming from WM, particularly if you use WM's PIM stuff for business -- you will not be happy.

    There are some pluses to the device. The IM integration is very nice, along with multitasking, but for pretty much all the reasons Gameboy70 stated in his other post, you might want to go with the pro if you depend on PIM functions, and if you like to one-hand your device.

    Perhaps when they release a treo-like WebOS device, with improved PIM, front-facing keyboard, and fix all the growing pains, then it might be worth a look if business is your main focus.

    On the other hand, I think the device is good for the average joe who may just depend on Gmail and not have need for exchange or PIM. The screen display is nice, and it gets the job done. For those people who want a large screen, general internet access, and email, and don't want to switch to At&t for the iphone, I think this device fills the mark.

    I just hope Palm doesn't forget about all us who like the treo/blackberry form factor and need a device for business.
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    I'll be using both
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    I looked again a couple of days ago, noticed the device felt more stable and no wiggles at all - nice and tight. My concerns: database management, spread sheet, word processing, email and occasional GPS usage via Google Maps. I have read so many threads that a degree of confusion has ensued.

    I have DTG for Palm and used it daily on the 700P and Centro. DTG did have an occasional problem working with Open Office's spread sheet application. I also have HandBase. So my real hang up at this point is the email application. I read it handles IMAP (I use but not a lot on how it handles file attachments and the ability to edit them with DTG.

    With the WM series none of the above are issues.
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    I have and like both the Pro and Pre. I am really using the Pre more than the Pro these days. Both are great devices. The Pre is only going to get better with time. With that said from a business perspective I think it is still advantage Pro.
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    I have both a Pre and a Pro and I just don't seem to be able to get used to the Pre. When I use it, I miss how easy it is to use the Pro (particularly one-handed). That's my biggest issue with it. The fact that you can't sync notes stinks, but the inability to click on a link without a center button stinks worse.
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    At the Sprint store today I played more and spoke with a customer in for assistance in using her Pre. At this point in the Pre's life the lack of applications and Classic limitations prevent me from considering it further. Going with a Pre at this point puts me back with Palm OS performance. Speicifcally, Classic supports 1 application window at a time; hence there is no multi-tasking with Classic applications. One Classic window at a time just does not cut it for those of us who heavily use spread sheets, databases and related applications that are not available in the native Pre format. In addition the alarm program does not allow for individual day selection - weekend/weekdays, but not Monday, Tuesday, et cetera.

    We all know that down the road the weaknesses I am concerned about should be in the past. But for now it does not come close to meeting my needs.
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    What I look forward to in the Pre:
    better push email with Gmail
    better browsing
    better Tweet and FB experience
    and the excitement of new apps as they are developed
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    I am on day 4 with my Pre and have to admit that I am blown away by the device. Sure- there are some known issues/lack of feature support that based on your needs may be deal breakers. However, it does everything it does EXTREMELY well. I picked up my iTouch last night and felt like I was playing with an antique!

    Multitasking is great- but it has been beaten to death and isnt really a selling point for winmo users who have been doing it for years. What is exceptional about it is the way it handles notifications. Brilliant- even minimized apps shows up in the notifiations are- Pandora going to the next song for example displays the song/artist name very discreetly- tap the info and the controls for pandora come up- not the whole app, just the controls in the small notifications area.

    The OS is super smooth, texting is great- if you are in that app and need to launch a call the transition to the dialer is elegant and intuitive.

    This is a next generation OS all the way and really is wonderful. Playing with a demo just wont give it justice- you need a live device and to get into a busy siutation where multiple texts and phonecalls are coming in to really appreciate how well thought out it is.

    Sure- no sirius streaming, no LED notifications, no calender invites via exchange and bizarre formating when responding to email via EAS (supposed to be fixed on 7/24 update) make for a few hurdles but I can deal with these for now.

    As a core phone, sms and email app it is simply fantastic. My hardware is fine as well and battery is somewhere between the 800 and the Pro- far better than the current HTC devices.
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    I went from the 755P to the Treo Pro. It was hard transitioning from palm to winmo, and giving up all the apps that i love, but I was able to find appropriate replacements for the ones I couldn't live without.

    I was tempted by the Pre, and waited till it was out so I could actually hold it. The bigger screen was nice, but I hate the slide out keyboard. I was also concerned about the lack of applications already available.

    So, I bit the bullet and went with the Pro. Either way there would have been a learning curve, but I expected Winmo to be easier because of my windows experience.

    I use it primarily for business (contacts, calendar, email, etc) and personal (games and texting). It suits me well.

    Good luck!
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    I came to the Treo Pro from a 750P with detours at an HTC Touch Pro and the 800W. I am very happy with the Treo Pro (not so happy with the Touch Pro and 800W). Definite learning curve with WM, but the Treo Pro made it worth it. Get Launch Manager and Agenda One, they'll make the phone a lot more user friendly and ease the transition.
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    Thanks for all yalls help. Im gunna go with the TREO PRO. I am really hard on phones and after playing with them both I think the PRO will be a better phone for me. The PRE is neat but i need function not flash...

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