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    treo pro - how to get contact from treo 800 to treo pro?

    Problem is my treo 800 does not connect to the pc, internet or bluetooth... need to know where and how file extensions of my contacts are stored in the 800w and then copy them to my sd card and then copy to pc or the treo pro... any suggestions???
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    pim.vol file under My Device
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    will try that! fanny thing is, out of the blue, the treo 800 started to get reaaaally slow on every function...from a simple tap on the screen to opening the clock.... crazy!!! reset it and still doing the same ... takes 5 minutes to restart!
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    And where would I take this file on the treo pro, same location????
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    uhuuuu!!! It worked!!! copied the file to sd, did a hard reset on it, every single function started working again, put the file back, got all my contact!!!
    Thanks for the help!!!!

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